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» Repair – Completed – Mihajlovskaja
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Repair – Completed – Mihajlovskaja
Repair – Completed – Mihajlovskaja

Repair – Completed – Mihajlovskaja

Kitchen-living room design
Odesa, st. Mikhailovskaya

The design of the living room, combined with the kitchen, can be quite diverse and depends on the owner's fantasy. To divide the area into several zones, designer uses different floor covering and building materials, adding the different floor levels and partitions, bar rack and so on. Some interior items or the whole areas can be emphasized with brighter eye-catching shades. It’s also necessary to note some characteristics and properties of the tones selected. For example, the cold tones are capable to increase the space visually, while the darker ones will only judge it. Green and blue colors act soothing. And on the contrary the yellow one which will be endowed in the kitchen-studio room (it’s demonstrated on photo), will cheer up and inspire for the new culinary masterpieces.

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