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» Repair – Completed – Kostandi
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Repair – Completed – Kostandi
Repair – Completed – Kostandi

Repair – Completed – Kostandi

Kitchen in the apartment
Odessa, Kastandi street

The designer of “RSK Odessa” developed a design-project according to which the remodeling was made.

In a nature the blue colors always surrounded a person at the sea and in the sky more than any other colors. Therefore, on subconscious level, most people like blue color. The designers appreciate this color for the ability to refresh too boring interiors and ennoble them. The blue color in the kitchen’s interior can be not only on the walls, but also it can be the color of your furniture. And if you’ll make the right choice, you receive the maximum comfort and coziness. It’s necessary to take into account that the furniture sets the kitchen atmosphere, so you should play on contrasts here. The blue color not only will bring the coolness and freshness to the interior, but will be the highlight of your interior.

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