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Apartments “The Light Loft”
Apartments with area of 43 м2, located at Bunina Str.

Apartments with modern interior, which creates feeling of calmness and comfort. Calmness is the key emotion of this interior. The accompanying feeling is harmony of old and modern things.

This design-project was ordered by middle aged couple. They love the rhythm of Odessa downtown life and appreciate the easy access to their favorite places. Their main wish for the interior emotion was calmness. The scurry of central city blocks must be left after doors of comfortable apartments.

The minimalistic style was chosen by designer for this interior. She combined it with elements of loft style. The feeling of calmness and harmony with nature is created by light, cream color shades and texture of wood with small veins. Geometrical patterns present in interiors of all rooms, such as straight lines in finishing of ceiling, furniture and doors, showy chandelier of ring shape, cylindrical lamps in a bedroom, patterns of kitchen tile and carpet. The simplicity of interior ideas enlarges the visual size of small apartments. There is no need in numerous decorative elements. Feeling of sufficient space and airiness is created by light walls, window curtains of «coffee with milk» color in the bedroom and bedcovers of creamy shades. The illusion of luminous walls and ceiling is created in this interior and the apartments look full of air and light. Windows with the whole glazing provide the sufficient illumination and beautiful view of the boulevard. The “brick-looking” decorative finishing in dinner-table area is used as bright spot of the interior. It forms the general image of the apartments in loft style, which harmoniously combine old in modern motifs.

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