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» Repair – In Work – Restaurant Posmitnogo str
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Repair – In Work – Restaurant Posmitnogo str
Repair – In Work – Restaurant Posmitnogo str

Repair – In Work – Restaurant Posmitnogo str

Restaurant "Opera Prestige"
Address: Odessa, Posmitnogo, 1 st.

The construction company “RSK Odessa” has extensive experience in remodeling and designing of restaurants in Odessa. The restaurant’s remodeling, like any other commercial real estate, should be carried out in a short terms with a first-class quality of works, because the work’s suspension on such object entails the financial losses and the bad reputation of the construction company.  Our company will develop the engineering and design project of your property in a short time. And the professional builders will perform works within agreed terms. We can arrange “the work around the clock” if it’s necessary. Our purpose is to fulfill the first-class remodeling works of the restaurant, to ensure the convenience of your guests and working stuff. To achieve such result our designers and engineers take into account every detail while remodeling, starting from refurbishment and finishing with the furniture and equipment placement.

The total work duration was 50 days.

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