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Apartments «The Scandinavian Space»
Apartments with area of 81,6 м2, located at Williamsa Str.

Interior style – Scandinavian minimalism
Key emotion – pleasure from simple joys of life

Apartments are owned by family pair. They decided to incarnate the values of the Scandinavian lifestyle in the interior design. It should be simple and natural, inspire sense of comfort and ease of life.

Designer performed her task using the principles of Scandinavian minimalism. White walls and ceiling create the feeling of the ease of life. They are complemented by light window curtains in the kitchen area and living room. The pleated fabric blinds with light-brown frames are used as contrast elements to make room showier. Their color shade is in harmony with light-brown laminate with wooden texture. The wood texture pattern is used for floor and kitchen working surface/ It creates the feeling of contact with nature. Green plants in simple Scandinavian-looking flowerpots strengthen this feeling. Kitchen furniture design has simple clean lines. The sofa in rest area also look simple, but it’s stylish and comfortable. Soft pillows invite to relax in front of TV panel. The coffee-table has wooden surface and unusual glass insert which symbolizes water. It plays the role of bright interior element. Unusual lamps are very decorative, too. In the sleep and rest areas there are showy lamps made from showy metallic tubes. The hallway area has bottle-shaped glass lamps while the kitchen area is decorated with the refined glass semi-spheres, reminding the globes. The interior looks simple and expensive. In such interior it’s possible to live like Scandinavian people do – in harmony with nature, with comfort and pleasure from simple joys of life.

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