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» Interior design-White Classics
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Interior design-White Classics
Interior design-White Classics

Interior design-White Classics

Apartments «White Classics»
Apartments with area of 110 м2, located at Dacha Kovalevskogo Str.

These apartments have an elegant classic interior, which creates feeling of lightness, abundance of light and air. Key emotions are the lightness of life and pleasure from space. The accompanying feelings are reliability, calmness, respectability and high social status.
Apartments for two-person family is located in new low-raise house at Dacha Kovalevskogo Str. Owners chose this house as they like its closeness to the sea and free space around. Freedom and comfort are around their main values, therefore the enjoyment of life easiness and life space were chosen as main emotions of the interior.
The initial apartment was an open space for free planning. Functional zoning was determined by vision of owners. A living room combined with a dining-room and kitchen was to become a key apartment for them. Lobby, bedroom, cloak-room and bathroom are spacious and create feeling of space for comfort and wealth. An apartment is well lighted by natural illumination, therefore light colors in interior look very attractive. Classics was chosen as main interior style. This style looks daintily in light tones; it is distinct and does not make design too heavy. It is possible to enjoy feeling of richness, created by relief and details, at the same time not losing the general feeling of lightness and airiness, which is so valued by owners. Another side of choice of classic style is in the feeling of respectability, high social status, reliability and calmness. These emotions are actual at any time, therefore the interior of apartment will not stale.
In the project «White Classics» owners expressed their main value – easiness of life. The combination of classic style and light color palette helped them to implement it in their apartments. The interior solutions used look very good in spacious rooms.

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