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» Interior design-The Light Minimalism
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Interior design-The Light Minimalism
Interior design-The Light Minimalism

Interior design-The Light Minimalism

Apartments «The Light Minimalism»
Total area – 44,1 m2.
Apartments have modern design in minimalistic style. Relaxation is the key emotion of this interior. The accompanying feelings are naturalness, easiness of life and love to nature.
These apartments are owned by pair in the bloom of their health and soul energy. They felt a need in comfort for their bodies and souls on this stage of life. It was the main idea in the interior design. Additional accents are expressed by blue color in the ribbons of Roman window shades and showy loft style lamp.
The theme of wood is presented in kitchen area as light-brown colors of interior, finishing of chairs and shelves. This color can express love to nature, to all real and natural things. At subconscious level it means adherence to family values and traditions. The theme of falling water in bathroom décor fits well with grey-blue tile and creates the effect of shrivel on a water surface. Water motives symbolize clearing and stream which brings energy and wealth in owners’ life. The minimalism of this area of purity and comfort does not require any additions; it is self-sufficient and well balanced with general design concept.
In the project «The Light Minimalism» owner expressed their need in relax and comfort, love to nature and light sadness about outgoing traditions. Minimalistic interior creates the feeling of harmony and relaxation. The panoramic view, spectacular pictures and refined lamps fills the soul with rich palette of pleasant emotions.
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