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Interior design-Bed Modern
Interior design-Bed Modern

Interior design-Bed Modern

Apartments «The Pastel Modern»
Apartments with area of 75 м2, located at Armeiskaya Str

This design-project was ordered by a young pair. The district and low-raise house at Armeiskaya Street was chosen as owners didn’t want to be the hostages of dense building and long way to the favorite places in Odessa. They share modern values and consider the purity and simplicity of visual decisions to be very important for design. That is why modern style of design was chosen for interior of the apartments. In this project the style of modern may be called minimalistic.
Pastel tones reflect owners’ aspiration to the comfort and coziness. Colors express their sincerity, reliability, devotion and love to work. Color solutions suit well with the functionality of working study as husband is an architect and prefers to work at home. Such color shades do not make people tire and don’t go out of fashion.
Functional zoning was determined by owners’ lifestyle. A dining room with kitchen area is the key premise of the apartments. It is space of rest, communication and relaxation. Lightness of modern style is underlined by curtains which visually increase the room height. The dining-room is not separated from the lobby. This solution extends room boundaries and strengthens the feeling of space and air sufficiency.
A working studio of middle is designed in minimalistic style. Comfortable work space is complemented by area for rest with a comfortable sofa and elegant coffee-tables. Drawings of architectural masterpieces on a wall and open shelves with elegant ceramics inspire husband, who is busy with creative work.
A bedroom is spacious and functional; it is decorated in the same shades, as in the interiors of other rooms. Brown curtains create comfort and feeling of warmth, underlining harmony and nobleness of design. This style will not lose its actuality even in 10 years.
In the project «The Pastel Modern» owners expressed their love to harmony and reliability. It joins comfort with an ideal environment for creative work. The combination of modern style, minimalism and pastel tones with stylish accessories helped them in it.

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