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» Repair-Finished-28th Pearl
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Repair-Finished-28th Pearl
Repair-Finished-28th Pearl

Repair-Finished-28th Pearl

Address: c. Odessa, housing complex "28th Pearl", Fontanskaya road, 58
Area 100 m2
The design project was made by designer of the RSK Odessa company.
A full range of works was been carried out:
• Demolition works;
•Electric installation works;
•Plumbing works;
• The air-conditioning and ventilation lines laying;
• Plasterboard works;
•Painting works;
• The tile and laminate laying;
• The electrical accessories and plumbing fixture installation;
• Air conditioners installation;
• Joiner’s works (installation of doors, skirtboards);
• The furniture's assembly and installation;
• Final cleaning
  • Engineer departure
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