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» Interior design-Pearl#28
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Interior design-Pearl#28
Interior design-Pearl#28

Interior design-Pearl#28

Apartments «Waves of Modern Style»
Apartments with area of 110 м2, located at Fontanskaya Road (Pearl #28)

Plans of interior design were prepared by our designer.
Apartments have an interior in modern style. A key emotion is pleasure of motion. Pleasure from creative experiments, feeling of freedom, space and naturalness, easiness of life, growth and development are the accompanying feelings in this interior.
Design of interior was ordered by pair with two little children. Standard ways in life and design are not appreciated by these bright people who love experiments. Therefore designer decided to express main values of extraordinary and extravert persons in the interior. It’s not so easy to express love to motion, nature, freedom, explosion of emotions and to combine them with comfort and coziness, which are so important for children.
Light tones in an interior create feeling of space and breathing lightness – the same space of freedom, which wanted to see the customers. Pastel tones are responsible for comfort and coziness as well as underline sincerity of owners. Grey color calms and counterbalances emotions as it is so important for active expressive people. Green accents in a kitchen give energy, feeling of growth, development, motion and closeness to nature. They pair well with the elements of phytodesign, which look very organic in this interior. Green-grey tints in a bedroom calm and relax. And bold bends of lamps, waves of decor in the kitchen, geometrical forms in one of child's bedrooms help not to relax too much and remind that motion is life. Such active life brings joy, drive and new bright emotions.
The interior of apartment begins to create emotions from the very first meeting. Corridor meets with the expressive colors of abstract pictures. The kitchen interior make eyes happy by motives of waves in lines of lamps and wall panel. The bedrooms of adults and children are united by light tones of walls and decor, but every apartment has its highlight as «honeycombs» in one of kids’ bedrooms, sophisticated flower-chandelier in another, or rhombic pattern in adult bedroom. Decor of bathroom is created by feeling of life and motion due to the curtain with the effect of falling water.
In the project «Waves of Modern Style» owners expressed their active way of life, love to motion and freedom. They created an emotional space for their life, which can give energy, excite or relax depending on direction of emotional flight, which is so unforeseeable for bright people, who feel themselves full of energy.

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