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The design project ordering


So, you start the reconstruction works. You have a lot of questions. What to begin with? How to organize a space for living? How to create a stylish interior and at the same time to keep functionality? How to ensure the quality of work? How to lay in time and budget?
High quality, timelines keeping, estimate’s transparency, financial guarantees and the comfort of working with employees - are essential components of the RSK’s Odessa image. Moreover. The main thing is the ability to listen, to hear, help the customer to express himself in the project and to create a space for the life that he always wanted to live in! Let's start from the first, and very important step - a design project ordering. Which, by the way, is almost inseparable from another important step - the choice of the construction company that will help to realize your goals, your intentions and your expectations.
In the reconstruction works, it is important to save resources. Not to spend extra money, time and nerves. When signing the contract for the design project and repair construction works at the same company it is possible to get many advantages and at the same time to economize.
When an engineer-designer leads a project from the design stage (of a house or an apartment interior planning), all communications are planned according to the drawings, a rational planning solution is chosen, taking into account energy efficiency and the customer avoids a situation when it is necessary to lay communications in rooms that have been already plastered.
In brief, there is an option to build (to reconstruct) as needed from the very beginning.
Signing a contract with a designer who works in building company removes the question of establishing contact between the author and the performers of the project. In this case, the project curator, designer, specialist in the estimates, foreman and builders works together for a long time and understands each other from a half-word. In such team, architectural supervision becomes not just a formality, but also the working instrument of quality achievement.
The designer's involvement while the implementation of the project helps to meet the budget. The high cost of materials is not always an indicator of quality, so the designer will advise you what you can save on, and on what - you should not. The RSK Odessa company provides you the designer’s consultation while the finishing materials and furniture selection and guarantees positive emotions while process of project’s implementation.
At all project's stages work with the designer increases the investment attractiveness of your property. The kind of design should contain current market trends, if you are planning to sell or rent your house or apartment profitably. The designer of the RSK Odessa company has an extensive experience in the Odessa's real estate market. Therefore, the success of your investment project will be laid even before the work begins.
Ordering a design project in the RSK Odessa company, you order not just a stylish and functional solutions. You order the high quality of your life - for the sake of what we've created this company and what we will help you to realize. In this way You only need to give a task to our design department and You'll get several options for it’s solution. You just have to choose. As a result, you’ll receive a lot of benefits at all stages of the project, and your space for life will be organized the way you originally imagined.

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