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Keep your feet warm and your head cold. We like to ignore such advice very often as it reminds us times when our grandmothers were young. Unfortunately, this ignorance sometimes may have negative effects. Wellbeing of the whole organism literally depends on the condition and temperature of our feet. There are over 72,000 nerve endings in the feet, which are connected to the nasal mucosa through the central nervous system. Coldness in the legs leads to decrease in the blood supply to the nose, which weakens the immunity. In addition to the physiological aspect of hypothermia, there is also an emotional one. Feet hypothermia makes us tense, irritable and vulnerable to stress, disrupting the ability to concentrate and sleep normally. But let’s speak no more about sad things. It is so easy to restore the supply of good energy to our organism via feet! Just create a comfortable and warm environment for your feet and enjoy positive changes in your mood and health condition. Feet in the heat give us a feeling of well-being and security. Even harsh monks of Tibet are healing their bodies by applying heat to feet. So, are we going to Tibet? No – just install a warm floor in your beloved and sweet home.

When designing a heating system, it is important not to make a mistake that will be very difficult to correct. Without a warm floor, even the most advanced heating system will not provide the desired warmth for your feet. Also, it will not be good for kids to play on cold floor. If you don’t want to do costly rebuilds -please think about warm floor in advance.

Here are the advantages of this solution:

1. Warm air moves upwards, so warm floor heats the entire volume of the room evenly.
2. We feel the heat with our feet, so warm floor allows us to assess the microclimate in the room correctly and not to overheat it. Energy will be saved!
3. Floor surface area is bigger than surface area of heating radiators. Efficiency of the system increases significantly!
4. Warm allows you to supply additional heat to the most problematic areas in terms of heating - the floor of the bathroom near the shower, the floor of balconies and lodges, bedside areas, kid's rooms.
5. Heating elements of the warm floor are not visible and the room looks much more attractive.
6. Heated floors eliminate burns by a hot radiator. Child safety first!
7. The system with a warm floor can be perfectly combined with an automatic temperature control system. Compared to radiators, temperature is controlled more precisely, so more energy can be saved.

There are two main types of floor heating systems: electric and water. Which one to choose?

Electric floor heating consists of heating elements, power supply cables and automatic control system. Electric heating cables, electric heating mats or infrared film heaters can be used as heating elements. Warm floor of this type has many advantages:

• Cheapness and ease of installation
• Ability to mount over old flooring
• Long service life (of course, with proper installation and operation)
• Fast heating and cooling
• Optimum heat distribution in the room
• High accuracy of temperature control
• The ability to save electricity with multi-tariff power supply by heating at night

Unfortunately, the electrical system is not free from some weaknesses. Here are some of them:

• High power consumption
• Electromagnetic radiation from the floor may be noticeable, especially in system with heating cables. You should keep this in mind, especially if system is intended for kids room
• Possible floor overheating in the area of furniture installation. Think about the furniture layout plan in advance as changes in it may cause problems.
• Excessive heating of the floor covering may result in damage to some materials or to release of harmful substances into the air. Therefore, the choice of materials for this floor is limited. Such materials as linoleum, carpet with a short nap, porcelain or ceramic tile can be used. On the other hand, wood and parquet should be used only with film heaters.

Floor heating system with liquid coolant is more complicated. In most cases water is used as coolant in such systems. It consists of pipes for coolant transporting, which are laid under the floor. These pipes can be polyethylene and metal-plastic (the first are denser and serve longer, but the latter transfer heat better). The pipes are connected to the inlet and outlet manifolds, ensuring the distribution of the coolant and adjustment. The heated water comes from the boiler or from the centralized heating system. Water circulation is ensured by circulation pump. The control system allows you to adjust the temperature in the room. It can be manual or automatic with temperature sensors and control panels. Most of electric worm floor advantages are inherent to water warm floor, too, but there are some additional benefits:

• Low power consumption
• Absence of electromagnetic radiation and no risk of electric shock
• Water warm floor can be used with any type of floor coverings

Like any other solution, water floor heating system has its drawbacks:

• Installation is more complicated and more expensive if compared with electric heating system
• The need for additional protection of pipes against damage
• Shorter service life than this of electrical components
• High inertia - the floor heats up slowly (but it cools longer, than the electric one)

So, modern technologies allow us to provide heat to sensitive points of our feet and get a lot of bonuses for health and spiritual comfort. In warmth, our aura plays with bright colors, and we begin to radiate the joy of life, sharing it with friends and family. To get the complete satisfaction from the warm floor you should consider it as part of a whole - the project of your Living Space. And from the very beginning your project should be carried out by professionals. They will help to choose the right materials and installation technology, install the heating elements in the right place, avoid mistakes with the arrangement of furniture and control panels – in other words, professionals will help you to take all nuances into account. Let's keep your feet and soul warm!

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